Programs for Homeowners & First-time Residence Purchasers

Programs for Homeowners & First-time Residence Purchasers

The town of Lawrence through its Community Development Department provides Lawrence property owners and very first time home purchasers different Housing Programs to help with making housing safer and much more livable by handling rule violations, and much more affordable.

Rehabilitation / Deleading System

Minimal and moderate-income property owners may be eligible for funds and/or loans made available from the town of Lawrence through its rehabilitation programs to repair/renovate properties located in the City. Our main aim is always to expel building and sanitary rule violations and reduce steadily the instances of lead poisoning in kids by enhancing the accessibility to affordable housing that is lead-safe. This program provides low-value interest loans, deferred payment loans and/or grants to qualified owner-occupied properties.

The Very First Time Residence Buyers Program (FTHB)

The 1st time Residence Buyers Program (FTHB) was designed to help income that is low-to-moderate that are buying a domestic, owner-occupied home into the City of Lawrence. The town, through the HOME Partnership Investment Fund can help eligible homebuyers with advance payment, shutting costs, and a decrease associated with the home loan principal.

Financial assistance comes in the type of a zero-interest deferred loan (2nd lien). This loan is forgivable after Ten (10) years provided that the homeowner continues to be into the home as his or her major residence. […]